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GenBrain Once BPS is officially implemented, its Polish name will also be developed. Because there is a demand for this type of tool. For example, in the US the latest survey, conducted on a representative sample, showed that 11 percent men GenBrain 3% women admit that using pornography is addictive or problematic for them. However, awareness about the issue of addiction to pornography GenBrain related problems is still low. In general, when I ask students or high school students if I can become addicted to pornography, most say yes. They are also able to recall specific examples from their surroundings or from the media ... In a sense, yes, but somehow it happens that among psychologists GenBrain psychiatrists the idea to ask a patient during a clinical interview about problems with pornography appears rarely. In my opinion, this is simply because compulsive sexual behavior did not exist until recently in the World Health Organization disorder classifications GenBrain was not taught during studies. In general, pornography is still rather reluctant. In many countries - including Poland - sexuality is taboo GenBrain people do not know how to talk about it. Pornography is something embarrassing, possibly a joke topic, not a normal conversation. Although in Poland, half of the men GenBrain every fourth woman use it. What's more, with the development of wireless internet access GenBrain the lowering age of having the first smartphone or tablet, the age of first contact with pornography is also decreasing. The results of our research show that while 10 years ago just below 10 percent children aged 7-12 entered such sites, in 2016 it was over 25% Parents, even if they are aware of this, do not really know how to talk to a child about pornography GenBrain sexuality, because they often have little experience in such conversations - even with other adults.

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