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Elite Male Performance But the 1970s were the time of the loudest scandals in the porn industry. The victorious march of the genre did not escape the attention of the champions of morality. In 1974, Larry Flynt released the first issue of Hustler magazine, and already in 1978 he was charged with obscenity - and he won the process. His main argument was the following paradox: why shooting from the battlefield, showing blood and crippled bodies, is considered decent, and showing beautiful naked bodies - obscene? But during the process, Flint was attacked by a racist maniac, outraged by the fact that the pages of Hustler were not only white models. As a result of the attack, Larry remained chained to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Got from lawyers and "Deep Throat", the first porn film released on wide screens, and still remains the most profitable porn: with a budget of 25 thousand dollars, he earned 600 million. In 23 states of the USA the picture was banned. However, the loudest scandal broke out when Linda Lovelace, a film star, said that her husband, Chuck Traynor, who regularly beat her, forced her to shoot, which became a strong argument in favor of feminists, who often speak of pornography as exploitation of women. Linda became an activist of the Women Against Pornography movement, but she died in a car accident in 2002, without making a public career. “Deep Throat”, like other “golden age” porn movies, now looks with much more pleasure than modern “hot video”. The old porn is witty and self-ironic (in the “Deep Throat” of which there is only a montage of a male orgasm with shots of a rocket launch!), His characters are relaxed and very emotional, everyone has an individual sex technique. In short, many of today's porn movies and videos look compared to this feast of flesh - plastic and hypocritical through and through.

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