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Ultra Fast Keto Boost  cucumbers, Olives, 1 slice of protein bread toasted OR 1oz raw/4oz cooked soybeans, Apple, Tea/espresso/herb tea principal Meal: Cooked Eggplant sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese and tomato sauce, inexperienced salad with choice of low-calorie dressings, clean fruit cup with squeeze of lemon or lime, minced mint leaves, Tea/espresso/herb teaDay FiveAfternoon: assorted cheese slices, Spinach, a slice of protein bread, toasted, Peach or pear, Tea/coffee/herb teaMain Meal: Onion bouillion, with low-fat croutons, Stewed vegetables, No-sugar apple sauce with 6 walnuts or pecans, Tea/espresso/herb teaDay SiAfternoon: Fruit salad, any kind, as a great deal as you need, with low-fat potted cheese or .

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