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#1 Lottery Started!
I seem to be missing the everything below my ticket balance. I watch all the adds and have not received my tickets.
2040 tickets and won nohing! Absolutely waste of time! Like all thi site! No way to earn without investment!
This should be stated in your advertisement.
(12-23-2018, 03:35 PM)admin Wrote:
First Lottery started today!

Duration: 30 Days

Check out the prize table and Lottery details: #1 Lottery

You can buy tickets at Lottery page or you can get free tickets by click advertisements or collect eggs from Lottery Chickens

Watch the video to see how to get tickets from Lottery Chickens

Good luck for all members!

Thank you for making thin farming/mining game. it's a little high, but i still like playing it. Pretty cool!
Did one of the advertisement things about the lottery and havent recieved the 6 it says plus 2 tickets. Please fix this problem i would like to stay here and enjoy the whole farming exp but if things dont work there is no reason to stay.
Hello New munber SHA
(12-23-2018, 05:15 PM)jusmouerfbtid Wrote: HELLO ADMIN

Congrats for your new site

what are the other site?
hello admin. thank you for apportunity
(01-22-2019, 11:50 PM)Mark333 Wrote: It looks like this forum is for bots. People asking a tone of questions and you find no answers. Just congratulations how this site is good )))))

There is a Support section for this. Dodgy
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