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#5 Lottery Started!
5th Lottery started today!

Duration: 30 Days

Check out the prize table and Lottery details:#5 Lottery

You can buy tickets at Lottery page or you can get free tickets by click advertisements or collect eggs from Lottery Chickens

Watch the video to see how to get tickets from Lottery Chickens

Good luck for all members!
Mohsin juttt
hi admin
i send 0.02 btc here
but give me just 0.03 btc in 3 day. u say give double in 1 day.
not bad,admin tanx.
i din not get my cash out. how it takes to time for cash out?
(05-19-2019, 06:50 PM)malkak Wrote: hi admin
envio 0.02 btc aquí
pero dame solo 0.03 btc en 3 días. Se dice doble en 1 día.
no esta mal, admin tanx.

me ayudas soy nueva en esta pagina y no entiendo mucho

alguien me explica como hacer aqui como gano
I won a prize?

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